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     (A)     An Information Services Committee is hereby created.

     (B)     The Committee shall be composed of seven members serving staggered terms; terms shall be three years, except the initial terms shall vary in length so that at least one position of the Committee shall expire each year.  Four members shall be city employees, no two of whom shall be from the same department; one shall be the Director of the Information Systems Division of the Department of Finance and Management and one shall be from City Council staff.  Three members shall not be city officials or employees; they shall be people knowledgeable in information systems, who would have no conflict of interest or likely future conflict of interest in making recommendations and decisions as members of the Committee.

     (C)     The chairmanship of the Committee shall annually rotate between the two city members other than the Director of Information Systems Division, or the City Council staff member.

     (D)     Matters concerning membership and organization shall be as set forth in  §§ 2-6-1-1 et seq. unless otherwise provided herein.

     (E)     The Committee should report, administratively, to the Mayor.  The Mayor shall provide staff support to the Committee.

('74 Code, § 1-21-1)  (Ord. 46-1990)


     (A)     The Committee shall develop and recommend to the City Council for adoption an Information Services Master Plan for the evaluation of information technology within the city government; the Committee shall recommend amendments of the Master Plan when appropriate.  The Master Plan should be amended by the City Council at appropriate intervals to keep it current, but no amendment may be made without the evaluation of the Committee.  The Master Plan should contain city-wide objectives such as the following:

          (1)     Data and software within the city will be shared to the extent possible; and

          (2)     The city will develop an integrated communications network for delivery of data, voice, image, and video information.

     (B)     The Committee shall study and establish standards governing the city's acquisition and use of information technology.  These city-wide standards should include but not be limited to the following:

          (1)     Methodologies for project management and system development;

          (2)     Centrally coordinated spending for equipment, software contracts, and consultants, to assure consistency with the city's Information Services Master Plan;

          (3)     Compatibility standards for equipment, software languages, distributed-processing policy, security control, and data base management;

          (4)     Standards for all network services and interface requirement;

          (5)     Data base standards for compatibility, consistency, retrieval, and consolidation;

          (6)     Standards for quality assurance governing consulting, advising, monitoring, and auditing distributed processing activities;

          (7)     Standards for disaster recovery; and

          (8)     Standards for an information systems security program.

     (C)     The Committee shall review and, working with the Chief Administrative Officer, assure that a data administration function is implemented and is effectively being performed.

     (D)     Each city department shall prepare an information systems plan annually and submit it to the Committee for approval.  In addition to reviewing these annual plans, the Committee shall also review, on an ongoing basis, all proposed information services activities for adherence to the Information Services Master Plan and to city-wide standards.  No significant change in type or level of information services activities and no significant information services initiative shall occur without the approval of the Committee.  The Committee shall establish a minimum level of information services activities which shall require review and approval by the Committee.

('74 Code, § 1-21-2)  (Ord. 46-1990)

§ 2-6-3-3  PROCESS.

     (A)     Budgeting. Information systems projects should come before the Committee prior to presentation to the City Council as part of a proposal for the operating budget or capital improvements program; this includes joint city-county projects.  While the Mayor has the right to make a proposal contrary to the advice of the Committee, the action of the Committee shall be conveyed to the Council along with each information systems project proposed for funding.

     (B)     Appeal.  Binding decisions of the Committee may be appealed to the Mayor by filing an appeal within 15 days of the Committee decision.  The Mayor shall decide the matter within 15 days.

('74 Code, § 1-21-3)  (Ord. 46-1990)