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I.      Policies

a.       General

1.       Employee email use

2.       Employee Internet Filtering

3.       Employee Internet Use

4.    Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Sensitive Data

5.    Change Management Policy

6.    Technical Review Committee

b.      Hardware and Software

1.       Enterprise Application and Software

2.       Smartphone Devices

3.    Information Technology Commodity Procurement Policy

c.       Network

1.       Network Access

d.      Security

1.       Access Revocation

2.       Anti-Virus

3.       Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

4.    Incident Reporting and Response for Abuse Using Technology

5.       Computer Security Incident Response

6.       Email encryption

7.    Employee IT Security Certification Policy

8.       Information Technology Protection

9.       Mobile Device Policy

10.   Mobile Device Security

11.   Patch and Vulnerability Management

12.   Security Incident Reporting

13.   User Accounts and Security Policy

14.  Cybersecurity Policy

e.      Telecommunications

1.       Telecommunications Usage Policy

f.        Web

1.       Electronic Document Retention

2.       Independent Verification and Validation of IT Projects

II.      Standards

a.       General

1.       Email Archiving

b.      Radio

1.       Public Safety Voice Radio System

c.       Security

1.       Electronic File and Document Storage

2.       Email Data

3.   Employee IT Security Certification Standard

4.       Microsoft Windows and Security Updates

5.       P2P Internet Based Applications Prohibited titles

7.       Password Standards

8.       User ID Security Exceptions

9.    User IDs

10.  Computer Abuse Incident Reporting and Response

11.  User Accounts and Security Standard

d.      Telecommunications

1.       Telecomm Equipment – Siemens Equipment

2.       Telecommunications Small – Remote Site Network and Equipment

e.      Hardware and Software

1.    Enterprise Architecture

2.   Information Technology Commodities Standard

f.        Network

1.       Network Cabling

2.    Network Infrastructure

III.    Procedures

a.       Security

1.       Guide to Securing Networked Printers

2.       Mobile Device Procedures

b.   General