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  • Account. The credentials issued to a user for authentication and access control to an e-mail system or service. Generally consists of a User ID and password. 

  • Address. E-mail address (generally of the form user@domain) which identifies the sender or recipient of an e-mail message. 

  • Mailbox. Storage location on an e-mail system where messages are received and stored. 

  • Message. An electronic record, created, sent from or received on an e-mail system, including brief notes, more formal or substantive documents, any attachments which may be transmitted with the message, and any routing or header information which may be generated and transmitted with the THIS IS MY CHANGE.


  1. The City of Albuquerque is the owner of all e-mail accounts and addresses in its registered domains. All e-mail messages processed by the City's e-mail servers become the property of the City of Albuquerque. City of Albuquerque e-mail users have no right of ownership or expectation of personal privacy in their e-mail usage. 

  2. The City reserves the right, without notice, to inspect, modify, return, reject, redirect or discard any e-mail message it receives, for any reason. The City reserves the right, withoutnotice, to limit or restrict any individual's e-mail usage. 

  3. The City may place system-wide limitations on e-mail usage in order to protect the well-being of the City's e-mail infrastructure and ensure system availability and reliability for all e-mail users (e.g., maximum mailbox size, maximum message size, maximum number of addressees per message). Limitations shall be published in a standard. 

  4. City e-mail services shall be used in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws, City ordinances, policies, rules and regulations, and Administrative Instructions, and may not be used as a vehicle to harass or intimidate. All users of City e-mail services are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. 

  5. City e-mail services are provided to employees for the purposes of study, research, service and other activities, which must be in the conduct of official business or in support of the City's mission, with the exception of occasional de minimispersonal use. 

  6. Access to City e-mailservices is granted to an individual by the City for that individual's sole use. Users are authorized to access, use, copy, modify or delete files and data on their own accounts. Users shall not perform any functions on another user's e-mail account. Users shall not allow someone else to use their account(s) and/or password(s). City e-mail users are responsible for their e-mail accounts and shall be held accountable if someone else uses their service with permission and violates this policy. 

  7. City e-mail users shall use only City information technology resources (i.e., City e-mail services) to send and receive e-mail messages in the conduct of official City business. City e-mail users shall not automatically forward e-mail messages received at City e-mail addresses to any personal or non-City e-mail account(s) or address(es). 

  8. City information technology facilities shall not be used to access personal, non-City e-mail accounts (e.g., AOL, Hotmail, MSN), addresses or mailboxes. City e-mail users shall not automatically forward e-mail messages from personal or non-City e-mail accounts to any City e-mail account or address. 

  9. Subscriptions to mailing lists, "listservs," or other mass mailings is authorized only when used to conduct official City business. Non-work-related subscriptions to mass mailings are prohibited. The City also reserves the right under New Mexico law to unsubscribe any or all City e-mail addresses from said mailings.

  10. E-mail "chain letters" are not to be originated, forwarded or otherwise distributed using any City resource under any circumstances. An e-mail "chain letter" is defined as any message sent to one or more recipients that directs the recipient to forward it to one or more other recipients and contains some promise of reward for forwarding it or threat of consequences for not doing so. 

  11. Access to City e-mail services shall be permanently revoked upon employee termination or retirement. The City shall not forward e-mail messages addressed to terminated or retired City employees except to other City e-mail addresses. The City shall not provide address verification, correction or forwarding to personal or non-City e-mail accounts or addresses under any circumstances. 

  12. User privacy is not to be violated. It is the responsibility of the user to protect their privacy. Users shall not leave passwords where they can easily be found, share passwords with others, or leave confidential information on a screen where it could be viewed by an unauthorized person. 

  13. Users should not assume that any message contents or data are automatically subject to public inspection under the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act. There are numerous exclusions to this law, and such message contents or data may not be forwarded, uploaded, or otherwise transmitted to non-City entities without appropriate approvals. 

  14. Users shall not intentionally forge, obscure, obfuscate, or otherwise alter the date, time, physical source/destination, logical source/destination, routing, or other label or header information of anye-mail message, file or report.