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Need Assistance? We Can Help

We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm

CABQ Employee Assistance Program telephone:
(505) 768-4613

CABQ Employee Assistance Program email:

Emergency On-Call Counselors (After Hours and on Weekends)
(505) 254-3555

About The Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The most valuable asset of the City of Albuquerque is its employees.

Both City employees and the organization benefit when employees reach out to employee health services. We will assist both you and your family no matter what department you work with.

Who is Eligible?

Employee counseling, crisis intervention, referral services, are for both employees and family members living in the home. Professional counselors offer assistance with concerns about relationships, grief, parenting, work issues, depression, anxiety, stress, and everything else life may toss your way.

Other Services Offered

We provide personal training for exercise and strength, body composition analysis, cardiovascular endurance testing, back strengthening, and a variety of health education classes: CPR, AED training, weight management, fitness testing, basic first aid, stress management, violence prevention, conflict resolution, and more.

Be Your Best

The only part of life we have control over is what we think. We can help you become very good at living well so you can look back on your life and feel respect for yourself, knowing you gave it your best, you played to win.

Important: Confidentiality

Your privacy is protected by strict confidentiality laws and regulations.

The details of your discussions with our staff may not be released to anyone without your prior consent. Participation with employee health services and the EAP will not jeopardize your job or career.

Accessing the EAP

City employees may access the EAP on a voluntary basis or may be referred by supervisors or HR personnel as part of corrective action and performance management.  Temp employees not employed directly through the city do not qualify for EAP; however, we are happy to facilitate referrals for these employees.

  • Voluntary Participation:

Employees may voluntarily access services through the EAP at any time, free of charge.  All employees who are volunatirly accessing services during their scheduled work hours (exempt, non-exempt, full time, and part time) will need to utilize sick leave (or other authorized accrued leave) during all scheduled EAP appointments.

  • Formal Supervisory Referrals:

Supervisors or human resources may require employee participation in EAP services as part of performance management and/or progressive disciplinary action.  When this is the case, the employee will be required to contact the City's Employee Assistance Program and follow whatever course of action the counselors propose.  The initial assessment by the EAP counselor may be completed on city time without taking leave; however, any subsequent appointments and/or recommended treatment will need to be completed either on the employee's own time or will require the use of sick leave (or other authorized accrued leave).

Questions regarding the use of leave in particular instances should be directed to Employee Relations within the Human Resources Department.

Meet Our Staff

Updated Headshot.jpgDr. Lindsey Campos, DBH, LPCC- City of Albuquerque EAP Manager

Dr. Campos was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, and attended UNM for her undergraduate studies in Psychology.  She received a Master's in Counseling Psychology from Webster University in 2009 and a Doctorate of Behavioral Health from Arizona State University in 2017.   Dr. Campos is an independently licensed clinical counselor in the state of NM and has over a decade of experience working in community behavioral health and managed care.  In her free time, Dr. Campos enjoys spending time with her two sons, watching sci-fi/fantasy movies, listening to and playing music, crafting, and meditating. 

Dave Pic.jpg

Dave Pulliam – CABQ Health & Wellness Coordinator

Dave joined Employee Health Services in '94 as an Exercise Physiologist.  He is a CPR/First Aid instructor for the American Heart Association, and a Certified Ergonomist.  Originally from Illinois, Dave transplanted to New Mexico and found his dream home.  In his spare time, Dave is active in the Senior Olympics.

Michele Pic.jpgMichele Heyman, MA, LPCC- EAP Counselor, Solutions Group

Michele has been an independently licensed clinician for 15 years.  She has worked for the City of Albuquerque with our employees for over a decade. Growing up in Albuquerque, she earned her undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico and her Masters in counseling degree from Webster University in 2004.  She is a daughter, sister, wife, and a mother to 3 boys.  In her spare time, she enjoys music, family, food and friends, and making the world a happier place. 

Paul Pic.jpg

Paul Grabowsky, MA, LPCC- EAP Counselor, Solutions Group

Paul is a native New Mexican who recently returned from the big island of Hawai'i, where he worked as a School Based Behavioral Health counselor, at an inpatient treatment program called Pacific Quest, and also in his own private practice. Paul is a certified EMDR therapist and has worked for the Solutions Group in Albuquerque since his return to the state. In addition to his EAP work, he is currently working for Albuquerque Public Schools as a Crossroads counselor in a local high school. Previous experience includes being a public school teacher for over 20 years before transitioning to counseling, being a therapist for survivors of Domestic Violence, and working for the DD waiver.

EAP Newsletter

A monthly newsletter with articles written by our EAP staff, helpful links, health and wellness resources, and more!

EAP Newsletter November-December 2021.pdf


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Domestic Violence in the Workplace  

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