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Customizing a Custom Home Page


The purpose of this job aid is to show users how to customize the Home Page to include the most recently used areas of PeopleSoft. The Navigation Bar opens up to allow access to the Navigator which is the same as the Main Menu list in the previous version.

  • Once you have logged into Employee Self Service (ESS) Logging In Click on the Navigation Bar located at the top right of your screen.
image 1.jpg                                                                               
  • Click on Navigator link

 old sceen.jpg

  • Depending on your position and role, the Menu will open up to what your access will allow




  • When the program opens up, in the Top right corner of the page are three dots. 

    3 dots.jpg


  • Click Add to Homepage
    Add Homepage.jpg

  • If creating a new page, Type the name of the new window you are adding
  • Click Add
  • If adding to an existing page, Click on the page to Add to it

  • You will get a popup that is confirming the addition of the new window


  • On the Home Screen, when you click the Drop Down at the Top Center of the Screen, this will show the list of screens available to you.
  • Click on the page you created (this example is Work Pages)

     choose page.jpg


  • It will open the page you created and it has the item you added.  Additional items can be added to this page at any time.


  • End of process