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For training materials and contact information to schedule a training session, please go to: Talent Management Training

Here you will be able to document and manage:

  • Work Related
    • Licenses and Certifications*
    • Tests and Exams*
  • Education and Experience
    • Degrees*
    • Work Experience
  • Personal
    • Language Skills
    • Military Service*
    • Memberships
    • Honors and Awards
  • Other
    • Volunteer Activities
    • Additional Roles
*Requires approval from Manager

General Navigation Tips

  • The first date field always defaults to today's date, be sure to change this date to reflect the actual date of the license/certificate, date of degree, etc.
  • To search, click on the Magnifying glass, you can use the % sign as a wildcard in the Description field
  • Add a scanned copy in the Attachment section
    • Click on Add Attachment
    • My Device
    • Browse to your attachment and click Open 
    • Click on Upload
    • Click on Done
  • If approval is required, click on Continue and then Submit for Approval

Licenses and Certifications

This area is used to track professional licenses and certifications that typically have renewal requirements (i.e. Commercial Driver's License, Notary Public, etc.) 
Do not use to record Training or Classes, to learn how to document Training or Classes, please go to: Enterprise Learning Management  

  • If the license or certificate has renewal requirements, then the system will calculate the renewal date based on the issue date and the renewal requirements
    • The system will send alerts when a license or certification is nearing a renewal/expiration date
  • Issued By is the professional organization such as "State of New Mexico" or "Department of Transportation"

Tests and Exams

This area is used to track a limited number of tests and exams including WorkKeys, Typing tests, etc. 


This area is used to track degrees. If a degree wasn't completed or is in progress, you can use the "Non-Graduate" option and specify the number of credit hours earned.

Work Experience

Here you can add work experience. This will allow you to use the search and compare functions to review other jobs you may be interested in.

Language Skills

This area is used to track additional languages and your proficiency in Reading, Speaking, and Writing them. You can also specify if you are a native speaker, able to translate, or able to teach them.

Military Service

The City is currently working on entering any military service based on what was provided in the application process. You can submit changes or additions as needed.

  • Date Coin Distributed and Coin Distributed should only be modified by Central HR


Here you can enter memberships to professional groups.

Honors and Awards

This area is used to document honors and awards from your career. 

Volunteer Activities

You can document your volunteer activities here.

Additional Roles

This area is to track any additional roles you have for the City, such as Safety Floor Warden, committees, etc.