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Here you will be able to:

  • View your Current and Historical Performance Documents.
    • Edit and make comments in your Performance Documents.
  • Understand the Steps involved in the Performance Evaluation Process.

View Current and Historical Performance Documents

  • Select the Performance tile on the Home Page
  • A list of current documents will appear.
  • Document type. (Example: Basic Annual Review)
  • Document status (Example: Track Progress - Checkpoint 4).
  • Evaluation period.
  • Next due date.
  • Select an annual review document, and seven (7) tabs will appear; to view the tabs on one sheet, select Long Format.
  • Select the appropriate step in the process (Examples: Define Criteria; Checkpoint 1; or Review Manager Evaluation).
    • Section 1 - City Goals: A list of goals outlined by the City, to be reviewed by the manager.
    • Section 2 - Job Summary: A job title and job description written by the manager, and reviewed by the employee.
    • Section 3 - Core Values: These common values shared by City of Albuquerque managers and employees.
    • Section 4 - Performance Goals: A list of performance tasks created by the manager.
    • Section 5 - Career Goals: A list of goals created by the employee, and evaluated by a manager.
      • Note: This is a great opportunity to direct the course of your career.
      • After editing a Performance Document, click Save and Share with Manager.
    • Section 6 - Overall Summary: This section is to be evaluated by the Manager.
    • Section 7 - Not Rated Items: This section is to be evaluated by the Manager.

Performance Evaluation Process

  • Step 1: Define Criteria - Add your Goals for your Manager's Approval
    • During this step the employee should identify the goals that need to be accomplished during the performance period.
    • Any core responsibilities or competencies not already defined should be added.
    • The manager should review the goals and other performance content.
    • When complete, the manager should mark this step approved.
  • Step 2: Complete Checkpoint - Enter Progress against Goals and Review Feedback with Manager
    • During this step the employee should update their progress against their goals.
    • Just prior to the checkpoint due date the employee should add their comments and share with their manager.
    • The manager should review the employee's progress, add their comments to the document, and share their comments with the employee.
    • The manager should review their feedback with the employee and when done, mark the checkpoint as complete.
  • Step 3: Finalize Criteria - Finalize Goals and Criteria just prior to starting the Final Evaluation
    • Just prior to starting the evaluation phase the manager and employee should review the performance criteria and make any necessary changes.
    • Once the criteria is update the employee or manager should close this step by selecting the complete button. The employee should start their Self Evaluation once this step is complete.
  • Step 4: Complete Self Evaluation - Complete Employee Self-Evaluation
    • During this step the employee should rate themselves on their performance and add their comments to the document.
    • When finished the employee should select the complete button to submit the document to their manager for review.
  • Step 5: Review Manager Evaluation - Review Manager Ratings and Comments
    • During this step the manager should rate the employee's performance and add their comments to the document.
    • When complete the manager should share their comments with the employee and conduct their review.
    • After the review has been held the manager should request that the employee acknowledges the document.
    • After the document has been acknowledged by the employee, the manager should select the submit for approval button.
    • Once the document is approved the status of the document will be automatically set to complete and will be found under Historical Document.