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The City Warehouse is the central stocking and distribution facility for the City of Albuquerque. The warehouse stocks an array of commonly used items to the City, utilizing bulk purchasing and competitive contracts to pool the required items in a one-stop-shop, available on demand. Examples of commonly used items city-wide are janitorial supplies, safety items, tools, furniture, hardware, and printed forms such as P-30's, City letterhead and City envelopes. Items specific to the needs of individual departments are also stocked, whether the items are used daily or uncommonly required but detrimental to the service provided. Examples are water line maintenance fittings, traffic signals and fire hydrants which are service supplies that may be required on a daily basis but specific to the needs of a particular user department. 36" butterfly valves and sand bags are items that are rarely needed but are stocked in the event that they are required for an immediate emergency need.

Just in Time (JIT) inventories are also available. Just in Time (JIT) is a virtual inventory, for items that the City does not want to bear the risk of obsolescence or the cost of inventory because a vendor can provide the item quickly. For example, mattresses for the Fire Dept. are a JIT item. When the Fire Department orders mattresses, the order is turn-sourced to a vendor who delivers the mattress to the Fire Station, installs the mattress, and discards the old one. The warehouse pays for the product once delivered, and the user is charged through the inventory system with no additional requirements than ordering the items. Kitchenware is handled in much the same manner except that the orders from the vendor are sent to the warehouse and the warehouse delivers the kitchenware on a monthly delivery schedule.

Items through the City Warehouse are provided in a catalog available in hard copy upon request from the City Warehouse at the Pino Yard or from Office Services on the first floor of the City/County Building, behind the mailroom. An on-line listing is also available through Cognos. Items are acquired through a requisition process utilizing both on-line and hard copy requisitions (P127114). The on-line process is preferred. However, in special circumstances hard copy requisitions can also be utilized. Access and training to the on-line requisition is provided by the Accounting Division through Financial Support (see Inventory).

The Office Supplies Contract with Corporate Express is also managed by the Warehouse. In this contract, department requestors receive training to use a website that was developed specifically for the City of Albuquerque contract. Department representatives place orders one day and have the items delivered to their office the next day (hence: "Just in Time"). The vendor provides comprehensive consolidated billing to Accounting who processes the charges through Journal Voucher to each activity and pay the vendor in a single monthly invoice.