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______            Cancellation provision providing at least 10, but preferably 30 days written notice to the City.


______            Certificate holder is Risk Manager, Department of Finance & Administrative Services, City of Albuquerque, P.O. Box 470, Albuquerque, NM  87103 (or other responsible party)


______            City is named as additional insured on commercial general liability insurance.  (Certificate holder is NOT additional insured.)


______            Commercial general liability coverage includes products liability coverage if the Contractor will be providing a product, such as food.


______            Professional liability coverage (errors & omissions) is provided if the Contractor is a professional using judgment in performing the contract services and coverage is available.


_______          Insured is same person or entity as the Contractor named in the contract.


______            The limits of liability for commercial general liability coverage and automobile liability coverage are $1,000,000.


_______          All coverages described in the contract are provided.


_______          Occurrence coverage, rather than claims made, is provided for commercial general liability.


_______          A current certificate is provided and the policy expiration date occurs after the beginning date of the contract.


_______          The policy effective date occurs before the beginning date of the contract.


_______          A workers’ compensation statement is provided if coverage is not applicable (usually fewer than three employees).