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            Please refer to the sample certificate and reference numbers in the form using this guide.  Not all certificates will be in this form – the ACCORD form – but it is used most frequently.  Please provide an original certificate with a signatures of the Authorized Representative.  If the original is lost a copy may be accepted and a faxed copy will be accepted until the original is received.


(1)        The issue date must be current.


(2)        The Producer block must include the insurance agent’s name and address.


(3)        The Insured block must be filled in with the Contractor’s name and address.  The Insured must match the contract.


(4)        The Policy Number must be shown.


(5)        The Policy Effective Date must predate or coincide with the beginning date of the contract.  The Policy Expiration Date must be after the current date; it is not always possible for the certificate to show an ending date after the end of the contract term.


(6)        The insurance coverage/liability limits must match the requirements stated in the Insurance paragraph of the contract. 


(7)        The required liability limits must be provided.


(8)        The Description block is the most likely location for a statement that the City is named an additional insured.  It may be located elsewhere on the certificate or on a separate endorsement to the policy provided with the certificate.  It is sometimes shown as an “X” in the column headed ADD’L NSRD.  (Additional Insured is NOT the same as Certificate Holder.)


(9)        The Risk Manager, Department of Finance & Administrative Services, City of Albuquerque, P.O. Box 470, Albuquerque, NM  87103, should be shown as certificate holder.  If someone else in your Department who will take responsibility for notifying Risk is named, that is acceptable.


(10)      The cancellation clause should indicate 30 (although 10 is acceptable in some circumstances) days notice to the City of cancellation, etc.