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Download the New Pay Stub Memo


The City of Albuquerque is improving its payroll process. Our improvements include a redesigned paycheck stub.


You can expect to see the redesigned pay stub on Jan. 9, 2009.  


If you have any questions, please contact your Timekeeper first. If you still have questions, then contact the Help Desk at 768-2930.


There is no action you need to take with the new payroll process. Your bi-weekly paycheck will continue to be deposited as it is currently directed.


New Features

Changes you will notice on your paycheck stubs include information about your W-4 Status, Employer-Paid Benefits, Vacation Hours and Sick Hours, and Net Pay Distribution


W-4 Status

For the first time as a City employee, you will be notified with your paycheck about your W-4 withholdings tax status. New pay stubs will list your W-4 Status for both federal and New Mexico taxes.


Employer-Paid Benefits

Some of the best parts about working for the City of Albuquerque are the benefits.

Your new paycheck stub will show the current and year-to-date amounts that the City pays for your benefits. These benefits can include PERA, life and disability insurance, retiree health insurance, medical, visual and dental insurance.


Vacation Hours and Sick Hours

Previously, employee pay stubs have only listed your available vacation hours and sick hours.

New pay stubs will also list your start balance for vacation hours and sick hours that you have at the beginning of the calendar year. Additionally, pay stubs will show the vacation hours and sick hours that you have earned and taken as well as your ending balance.


Net Pay Distribution

You can select to have your salary deposited directly into more than one account.

New pay stubs will list the net pay for the check and a reference to where the pay is deposited.


Here to Help

We hope you find the new pay stubs informative and useful.

If you have questions about your pay stub, please contact your office time keeper.


Take A Look At The New Pay Stub.....