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 ESS Functionality

Welcome to the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal!

New ESS capabilities available January 9, 2014...

· Add/Modify Direct Deposit Accounts

· Add/Modify select voluntary Payroll Deductions

· Modify Deferred Compensation contributions

· Paycheck Modeler

· Org Chart Viewer

 COMING SOON, in time for Open Enrollment (May 22, 2015)...

· Open Enrollment

· Life Events


ESS Options















Click the link below to log-in to PeopleSoft:


This link will take you to the ESS website in PeopleSoft.

Click the link below for instructions on how to log-in to PeopleSoft:

Login Instructions to PeopleSoft

This link provides information on which User ID to use when logging-in to ESS and how to reset your password if required.


Click on any of the links below for instructions on how to make ESS modifications:

Direct Deposit Accounts

This link provides instructions on how to add/modify direct deposits using bank routing number and account numbers.

Important Information: Direct Deposit Employee Self-Service (ESS) Functionality

Voluntary Payroll Deductions

This link provides instructions on how to add/modify limited voluntary payroll deductions.

Deferred Compensation Contributions

This link provides instructions on how to make contribution changes to 457 plans.

Note - You must already have an established 457 plan.

Paycheck Modeler

Do you want to see how changes to your pay, benefits, deductions, and/or taxes will impact your paycheck? Check out the new Paycheck Modeler to quickly calculate a hypothetical check based on the changes you input.


Please note that in order to make changes to your earnings, deductions, benefits, and/or tax withholdings you will need to access PeopleSoft Employee Self Service or contact the Payroll or Benefits offices.


Org Chart Viewer

Have you ever had a need to research who is in a specific department or what a reporting structure is in a Department or Division? The Org Chart Viewer enables employees and managers to search for people across the organization, to see a visual representation of the organization based on our defined hierarchical structures, and provides job related details and contact information for employees.

·         Use the Advanced Search feature to streamline your search criteria and results.

·         Use the Company Directory page of the Org Chart Viewer (first tab) to access job details and contact information.

·         Use the Org Chart Tab to display a person within a three-tiered graphical representation of the reporting structure. The chart focuses on a person and where he or she fits within the reporting structure. You can zoom in and out of the org chart to display more or less information.


For assistance with any ESS functions please contact Carol Scurlock-Garcia (505-768-2814 or or email the ESS team at