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Content: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Program

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Program 

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Program

Information about the Entrepreneurial Mindset Program for City employees.




The Program


The Entrepreneurial Mindset Program exists to empower employees by exposing them to entrepreneurial thinking while immersing them in real-world entrepreneurial experiences. Those who take this exciting course learn to view their job from the perspective of ownership, empowerment, inspiration and innovative problem solving.


Those who complete this course will be able to:


  • Develop critical thinking skills that will enable them to identify and evaluate opportunities, manage risks, and learn from the results.
  • Understand the process that enables people with limited resources to transform an idea into a sustainable success.
  • Transform problems into opportunities.
  • Apply fundamental aspects of entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines and as a means of personal empowerment.
  • Establish goals, identify resources, and determine the steps required to accomplish their goals.
  • Identify and interact with local entrepreneurs within their own communities to solve real problems.

Full Course

The course consists of a weekly four hour classroom session for a total of 8 weeks, or a weekly 8 hour classroom session for 4 weeks.

Students also participate in an online component during the duration of the class.

Participants will receive the book "Who Owns the Ice House," and access to the online platform.

Supervisor Course

The supervisor course consists of two 8 hour classroom sessions over two consecutive days and is offered exclusively for Directors and Managers.

Participants will receive the book "Who Owns the Ice House," and access to the online platform

Contact Information

For more information, contact Tom Darling at (505) 768-3203 or

For More Info Contact:

Darling, James 

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