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City of Albuquerque Preparing for Retirement



Three (3) years prior to retirement date:


·      The annual maximum you are eligible to contribute to a deferred compensation account is $34,000 for each of the three years prior to your retirement.  (Age 50:  Contribution maximum to a deferred compensation account increases from $16,000 to $21,000 beginning the calendar year you reach age 50)


One (1) year prior to retirement date: 


·       Employees are advised to submit a request for Total Service Credit Verification, using the PERA Request Form available on PERA web site, local office, or at Retirement Seminar.


·       If choosing to purchase prior service credit or uniformed service credit, submit a PERA request form to purchase “air time.”


Six (6) months prior to retirement date:


·       Employee must contact PERA office to schedule an appointment to complete their retirement application at least six months prior to retirement or, if using early retirement, 6 months prior to early retirement date.


90 days prior to retirement date:


·       Upon completing the PERA retirement application, the employee must contact the Insurance & Benefits Division for an appointment with our Insurance & Benefits Specialist.


·       Contact Deferred Comp. Representative for assistance with Sick/Vacation accrual rollovers and withdrawals.

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