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Announcements: Warehouse Overstock


Warehouse Overstock 


We have tables in the warehouse that we are overstocked in. These are normally an order as needed product, but we actually have stock. We have reduced the cost to help move them out Please send a requisition through for the items you wish to purchase. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. We have a limited amount, so get yours now. The item numbers are F100100 - 4 in stock and F100110 - 32 in stock. Once the stock is depleted, they will have to be ordered with the additional cost. The attachment has pictures, descriptions, and cost for each item. If you have questions, please contact Karla Shirley at 505-857-8073.



Questions? Please contact:

Shirley, Karla 
Table Overstock.docx    
Created at 4/4/2019 10:56 AM  by Maez, Matthew L. 
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