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City employees are the people who make living life in Albuquerque, NM, possible for for over a half of a million citizens. This Happy Thanksgiving message is meant for each and every City employee. You work very hard under stressful conditions, and this holiday message is what we want you to remember each and every day. Know in your hearts that if the voices throughout the community could be heard, this is what they are saying:

Because of you..... my child, my mother, my cousin, my neighbor is able to enjoy warm, delicious and nutritious meals every day.

Because of you..... I receive kind, warm reception and assistance when I visit City facilities and call for help with services.

Because of you..... I am calling 911 for help and you are there for me; you saved my life.

Because of you..... I am able to take my loved ones and friends all across the City for fun and adventure: to the zoo, museum, biopark, concerts, river of lights, twinkle light parade, Tingly beach, open space visitor center, civic plaza, bike paths, and so much more.

Because of you..... I can drive my car down the street, safely.

Because of you..... I can walk down the street on the sidewalk, ride the bus, be picked up by Sun Van because I cannot walk, and live a life of quality and independence.

Because of you..... my father lived because paramedics arrived so quickly, my garage caught on fire and you put it out before it reached my house, the drunk driver weaving back and forth on my street was arrested, my neighbor survived domestic violence because you arrested her perpetrator.

Because of you..... I can always get help by calling 3 little numbers; 311.

Because of you..... what needs to be purchased, budgeted, balanced, fiscally protected, paid for, audited, gets done. You spend my tax dollars wisely and with due diligence.

Because of you..... my granddaughter who is a City employee got to see a counselor the day her husband told her he had terminal cancer at the age of 26, and she received support from the EAP for the entire family.

Because of you..... inspections are conducted at City facilities to identify potential hazards to health and life, and I have the confidence if faced with an emergency as a community, we are prepared.

Because of you..... the lost dog was found, the wounded animals are taken care of, I adopted a cat for my niece, and you rescued the dog running down the middle of San Mateo.

Because of you..... I was able to board my plane from one of the most beautiful airports in the world.

Because of you, I was able to start my business here and have regular inspections and assistance and I know I am following all regulations and laws.

Because of you..... I know when to keep my asthmatic son inside because of air quality, I can eat at local restaurants knowing you inspect them for quality, cleanliness, and potential health hazards.

Because of you..... I know if my car is damaged by a pothole it will be fixed, and if my City employee husband is injured on the job, you will take care of us.

Because of you..... I know my voice will be heard at council meetings, through correspondence, and that you are just a phone call away.

Because of you..... I know my tax dollars are being watched over by City attorneys and their staff. You fight for truth and justice on my behalf.

Because of you..... I know I can apply for a job at the City and have an entire HR department helping me along the way as my career with the City unfolds.

Because of you..... I can fly a kite in the park, go play golf, or take a relaxing swim and it will be clean and safe.

Because of you..... my mother has a social life and friends at the senior center, my neighbor has a senior companion to take her shopping, and my single mom friend has a son who has a foster grandfather he sees almost every day at school.

Because of you..... my wife’s life was saved at a senior center when she collapsed from a heart attack and you knew how to use the AED to revive her.

Because of you..... I do not have to worry about garbage because you haul it away for me every week, rain or shine.

Because of you..... I know City services run with the best technology, computer systems, and IT services the world has to offer.

Because of you..... I am always greeted with a smile, a friendly face, a handshake, and a promise my life will be better because you have chosen public service as your career. Thanks!



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Bain, Julia A. 
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